Nasrinne Sharpsong

Born of Ishgard and the Coerthas Highlands, Nasrinne de Filois is more commonly known by her Epithet; Nasrinne Sharpsong.
Now and then you may catch someone who knew her in the past use some old honorifics, like Ser Nasrinne, or Lady Filois. But most likely you’ll hear people simply call her Nas or Naz, depending on their intonation.
She’s trained as an archer, and a bard. Not to mention she’s got more than a cursory knowledge of poisons botany.
She might be of short stature with a sweet smile, but don't let that fool you. Nasrinne is quick, and canny as they come. She didn't earn the name "Sharpsong" for nothing.

Basic Info

Race: Elezen
Age: Late-Twenties
Place of Birth: Coerthas Central Highlands
Date of Birth: 4th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon
Gender: Female
Height: 184.4cm


Nasrinne left Ishgard and began travelling two years ago. Although she made no secret of the fact that it was once her home, she had no plans to return to Foundation or the snowy mountain range of Coerthas.
That was until the restoration began. Now, something has brought her back, but whether that's her family or the firmament is anyone's guess.
You might find her fondly recounting a story about hunting rabbits with her older brother; back when the summer grass grew long and the fields would turn to gold. But summer no longer comes to Coerthas, and Nasrinne will tell you that her story is no different from most leftover after the events of the Calamity and the Dragonsong War. Not much left in the way of family to speak of. Just one sister. (Alive and happily married with children. Thank Halone.)
The only other Ishgardian she counts as family travels with her.


There's a few prominent characters in Nasrinne's history who still feature somehow in her new life as an adventurer.

Close Friends

Please note these characters are either actively played by myself, or other players, in game. If you'd like to learn more about them, click on the link to follow through to their profile.

Pascalle de Dubois

Undoubtedly the most obvious (and important) relationship to Nasrinne is her relationship with Paz. The noble and charming former Knight is the person who Nasrinne trusts more than anyone else in the world, and she isn't shy about telling people that. The two Elezen seem to be intimately acquainted, although despite their age, neither are married. Not even to each other!? Whatever their relationship is, it's highly unorthodox for Ishgardians.

Other Characters of Note

Please note these characters are effectively NPC's closely related to my backstory. They are not available for any kind of use without permission. Having heard of them or a chance meeting in your character's past is probably possible, but please use the ooc section to get in touch and ask me first!

Softbeak and Andante

Aside from Pascalle, this pair of noble Chocobo steeds are Nasrinne's most beloved and cherished friends in all the world. (She will tell you they are her friends too, don't make the mistake of saying they're just birds.)

Mintori Tojori

Nasrinne's and Pascalle's close friend and sometimes business associate. Mintori is a resourceful Lalafell based in Ul'dah with a shrewd mind for business, and a keen ear and eye for quality. (Be it information or dinner recommendations.) When it comes to those who come fishing for gossip about his clients, however, he may as well have a lead tongue.

Ygrinne de Vernisse

Nasrinne's last surviving family member is her older sister. (There's 13 years between the two.) Affectionately referred to by Nasrinne as Yggy, she's happily married to a merchant in Ishgard. The Vernisse family were always more firmly established as a house of trade than a house of nobility, (the family even have access to an airship. For business purposes, of course. They don't take it for joyrides around Eorzea!) So they still maintain a comfortable position, despite the tumultuous events of Ishgard's recent past.


Light and Breezy

Casual hooks that don't get too deep into backstory

Music and Song
Nas is always up for a song, and she's happy to do vocals and instrumentals. You'll often see her with a flute or a lyre, but she's well-versed in a wide range of different instruments and always keen to learn new things about music.
Lore Seeker
When it comes to Ishgard, Nasrinne considers herself a bit of a history buff. She knows a little of Ul'dah, and a few folktales from Gridania. But outside of that, her knowledge is sorely limited, so she's always eager to hear local tales and stories from other lands.

Budding 'Botanist'
Nasrinne's natural curiosity led her towards botany, especially plants and the many different things you can do with them. She's not averse to giving people information about herbs or barks or berries that some people might consider immoral. But knowledge is free and should be shared, what other people do with it, isn't her problem.
Chocobos and Husbandry
Nasrinne grew up outside the Holy See's gates of judgement. Her family raised chocobo in Western Coerthas, and Nas was always a natural with the birds. If you're not interested in the ins and outs of rearing, raising and training the beasts, then she could happily wax lyrical about her own steed, Softbeak. Or chocobos in general. They're her favourite animal.

Deep Dive

Hooks for PC's who've gotten to know a bit of Nasrinne's backstory

Chances are, if you've spent a bit of time around Nas, you'll notice she's never far from Paz. The two clearly know each other pretty well. Feel free to ask her questions about their history, she's got more than a few amusing adventuring stories to share. (If you're really game, ask her if he's ever taken her somewhere romantic.)

If you happen to be someone who's shared a few friendly drinks with Nasrinne, maybe you caught wind of a few of her favourite stories about her older brother, Jhulayne. Though she says he's dead, it seems she rarely talks about how he died. Ask her about it sometime if you think she trusts you enough, or if you just want to put her in a foul mood.

Oh, and if for any reason you ever happen to see the scar on her ribs, feel free to ask her about the time she got stabbed.

Long-Term Storylines

A hook for PC's wanting to get involved with more long term plots involving Nasrinne and her friend, Paz

The million dollar question; do you know why Nas left Ishgard? Do you want to know? Find out how to get in touch below!


I RP on the Malboro server. Although I'm happy to RP across the Crystal Data Center.
The timezone I live in is GMT+8 but I am a night owl, so you're likely to spot me online quite often.
I've been actively roleplaying and GM-ing tabletop for well over a decade across chat, forums and games, so both in and out of game RP is fine. (Though my preference is for in game while I'm getting to know someone.)

Due to my RL age, I prefer my RP partners to be 18+. (I'm in my mid 30's c: )
I'm an old hat roleplayer, and I love story driven RP. I am comfortable with almost any themes, including dark and mature plot lines, as well as casual, lighthearted plots. If you're not sure, just ask!
(No ERP though.)

If you'd like to get in touch about long-term roleplay, or playing a character from Nasrinne's past, send me a tell or mail in game. My handle is; Nasrinne Filois
I do have Discord, use the message icon to send me a mail about the kind of RP you're interested in and I'll reply with my tag if it seems like we've got the same goals! c;
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